Growing Pains

May 26, 2021

Regional News

Growing Pains

NWA Daily

Northwest Arkansas is one of the fastest growing metro areas under one million people in the United States. So are we just growing aimlessly? Well, that's where Urban Land Institute NWA comes into play...

  • What is ULI? ULI is a nonprofit created to help communities grow and transform optimally. The organization is comprised of a variety of professionals focused on municipal planning, real estate planning, and economic, social, and health planning to ensure that an area grows in a measured and calculated manner.
  • ULI is focused on helping NWA grow smart and not just big for the sake of being big.

Wes Craiglow, NWA Coordinator, recently sat down with Randy Wilburn on I am Northwest Arkansas to discuss ULI's role in the changing landscape. You can listen to the full interview HERE.

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