Hail Fellow Well Met To Host Wine Dinner

March 8, 2022

Restaurant News

Hail Fellow Well Met To Host Wine Dinner

NWA Daily

Hail Fellow Well Met in Johnson is hosting its first Wine Dinner on March 18 and sounds like the ideal date night.

  • Dinner and wine: Chef Tyler Rogers will be preparing this first of many friendly dinners to come at Hail Fellow Well Met in Johnson. The event will be a 6-course meal with 6 accompanying Lunaria Biodynamic Wines.
  • Breaking bread: There is a cap of 26 guests for the dinner, and tickets are $150 per person. Flexible seating arrangements are available to accommodate groups of up to 4, and gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian alternatives can be accommodated as well. 

Get tickets and more information HERE

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