Haxton Road Studios Plugs Into The Music Scene

February 10, 2022

Small Business

Haxton Road Studios Plugs Into The Music Scene

Haxton Road Studios

Within earshot of the downtown square in Bentonville is a locally owned and operated professional music recording studio.

  • Quiet beginnings: Haxton Road Studios started as an at home passion project but a quickly turned into a full, purposefully designed music and recording studio in downtown Bentonville. Most recently, the group announced they've officially become a publishing company and will focus on writing songs for major label artists, businesses, agencies, television and film licensing and social media content.
  • Work and play: The studio is unique as it caters to both recording artists and businesses. Working with companies like Walmart Inc., Microsoft, and Coca-Cola, along with a national list of talented artists, Haxton Road Studios is fine tuned for the area.

Learn more about the local business and services HERE.

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