Interview With EasyBins Founder, Expansion

December 16, 2021

Small Business

Interview With EasyBins Founder, Expansion

NWA Daily

It’s always great to see our local small businesses succeed, grow, and expand to new places. 

  • Model: EasyBins, a grocery delivery service, launched in 2018 here in Northwest Arkansas, its founder believing that good things happen around a dinner table. Today the company runs in an effort to empower people to eat at home with no extra fees, tips, or penalties. It also picks up from a variety of stores for one order. 
  • Locations: Saving thousands of people the time and stress of going out for food or other necessities, EasyBins delivers in 3 Arkansas regions and 4 states, most recently adding Kansas City, Kansas to the list. 

Listen to Startup Junkie talk to EasyBins founder HERE to learn more. 

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