J.B. Hunt Plans Growth With BNSF Railway Company

March 19, 2022


J.B. Hunt Plans Growth With BNSF Railway Company

NWA Daily

Lowell-based J.B. Hunt Transport Services is launching a joint effort with BNSF Railway Company to substantially improve the intermodal marketplace capacity as well as meet the expanding needs of customers. 

  • Expansion: In response to increased demand and tight capacity, J.B. Hunt has plans to increase its intermodal fleet by 40+%, which will result in as many as 150k containers, in the next 3-5yrs. 
  • Stepping up: In addition to more containers, J.B. Hunt will add supporting chassis based on market need. BNSF has plans to increase its capabilities as well. The efforts of J.B. Hunt along with BNSF are projected to bring back the consistency and reliability customers expect after a long season of disruption. 

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