Job Growth Slows, NWA Struggles to Find Workers

May 11, 2021


Job Growth Slows, NWA Struggles to Find Workers

NWA Daily

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest report, job growth in the US dropped significantly after showing a glimmer of recovery earlier this year. However, employers in NWA are struggling to find workers as the economy reopens.

  • On a national level: US job growth decelerated in the month of April after adding 770,000 jobs in March and 536,000 in February. In the same report, unemployment increased to 6.1 percent with 9.8 million unemployed individuals in the country.
  • What does this mean for NWA? It's not a surprise, but the tourism and hospitality industry took one on the chin last year and is still fighting to re-build to pre-pandemic levels. It is likely the employees who were laid off moved onto other career fields, leaving a gap in that sector.
  • Quote: "I do think it’s competitive, I think everyone is in need of staff," Said Kalene Griffith, President and CEO of Visit Bentonville.

You can find more on NWA's need for employees HERE.

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