Joblessness Declining in NWA

July 3, 2021

Regional Economy

Joblessness Declining in NWA

NWA Daily

This time last year, our lives and economy looked a bit different, but things are beginning to look up, especially in the jobs department. There were 61k more jobs this year in Arkansas compared to May 2020.

  • 9.1%: The job gain from May 2020 in Northwest Arkansas. This was the biggest jump of any metro area in the state. As a result, in May 2021, the region's jobless rate was only at 3.2%.
  • More numbers: Only half of the people unemployed in May of 2020 are still in that category at only 9k, with the region's workforce surpassing 295k.

Read more about the positive news HERE - this is a trend we want to keep up!

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