"Just Text Me." - Benton County

February 6, 2021

Local Government

"Just Text Me." - Benton County

NWA Daily

Benton County has adopted a new form of communication with its constituents, texting. "TexMyGov" was built to provide an alternative flow of communication between Benton County residents and its local government.

  • The software uses keywords to relay information. You can text in requested contact information ("Assessor" or "Collector") or key words ("Burn Ban", "Convenience Center", "Road closures", etc).
  • So how does this work?
    • Text “Hi” to (479) 269-3466.
    • You will receive a reply with options on how to find contact information, how to report an issue, or if you'd like to few view the FAQ. The service is intended to be offered 24/7 and will guide the resident to a FAQ page if the message is unclear. - 5News

*This method of communication is not recommended in emergency situations.

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