Let's Parklet

July 9, 2021


Let's Parklet

NWA Daily

Last year, the City of Fayetteville allowed local restaurants and bars to use parking spaces as additional outdoor seating. After Gov. Hutchinson's emergency declaration ended this year, questions arose as to whether or not this creative, European style option would remain. Well good news, it will!

  • It's official: On Tuesday, an action was approved allowing for continued use of parklets as seating, as long as businesses keep up with the daily rates and maintain a buffer between pedestrians and street traffic. It was approved unanimously.
  • Here to stay: Over the past year, the use of parklets boosted the city's economy, especially in the downtown area. On Dickson, these seating arrangements have become part of the experience for people enjoying the local restaurants and bar scene.

Read more about Fayetteville's policy on parklets and how they are becoming a part of the community HERE.

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