License to Host

May 27, 2021


License to Host

NWA Daily

Mi casa, su casa...but only if you have a short term rental (STR) license in Fayetteville. A STR is the leasing out of a furnished residential dwelling on a short-term basis, generally less than a month (think Airbnb or Vrbo).

  • Rewind: On April 20, 2021, Fayetteville City Council voted to enact legislation governing STRs in order to regulate these types of rental units within the city. City Council provided a six-month start-up period to allow operators to come into compliance by November 21, 2021.  
  • The ordinance, which went into effect May 21, 2021, requires that all STR operators secure a business license. Business licenses may be applied for online at

You can read more about the new license on the city's website, HERE.

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