LIVSN Opens Flagship Store

June 3, 2022

Retail & Outdoors

LIVSN Opens Flagship Store

LIVSN Designs

LIVSN Designs recently announced the grand opening of its flagship store at 1019 SE 8th St., next to its global headquarters in Bentonville. 

  • Good material: LIVSN creates quality, versatile clothing “for people who value experiences more than stuff.” The company is committed to goals of longevity and sustainability in its products, so whatever you buy, you can know it was made ethically and will last. 
  • Environmentally friendly: The retail location features a full range of LIVSN’s products and immediately offers insight into the company when you walk through the door. The shop is right next to a pump track, too, so you can experience your new dynamic fabrics straight away. 

Learn more HERE.

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