Local Bankers Launch Podcast On The Future Of Banking

May 24, 2023

Sponsored by Generations Bank

Local Bankers Launch Podcast On The Future Of Banking

Generations Bank

Luke Hannon and Max Harrell are looking to take the boring out of banking with the launch of The Next Generation, where they discuss money from a banker's perspective and the future of banking as it unfolds through current events.

  • On topic: The first episodes dive right into the latest drama of banking news with the Silicon Valley and First Republic bank crashes, bringing up questions on the current state of banking. The hosts then consider how the rise of digital banks and non-bank banking like Starbucks, Venmo, and Apple may disrupt how people navigate money.
  • On the mic: Harrell and Hannon maintain a fun, approachable tone for those interested in learning more about how banks and money operate while offering unique insights from actual bankers and Harrell's six-generation family background in local banking.

Listen to The Next Generation on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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