Local Distillery Releases New Spirits, Throwing Party

December 17, 2021

Food & Drink

Local Distillery Releases New Spirits, Throwing Party

NWA Daily

A local distillery is releasing new spirits, and it’s hosting a party to do it. 

  • Gather: Fox Trail Distillery’s latest creations are Wild Parallel Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Wild Parallel Toasted Oak Barrel Bourbon. The HUB Bike Lounge in Bentonville is hosting the release party tomorrow, Dec. 17, at 6p, and you’re invited. There will be free local merch for attendees, and a DJ to set the tone.
  • Look around, learn: Every weekend, Fox Trail Distillery offers tasting tours to see how the magic happens. Go see where your favorite crafted sprits are distilled, aged, and bottled for an educational and flavorful time. 

For more about Fox Trail, click HERE.

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