Local Electronics Manufacturer Awarded Nearly $200k

February 11, 2022


Local Electronics Manufacturer Awarded Nearly $200k

NWA Daily

Ozark IC, a Fayetteville-based company founded in 2011, was awarded $199,935 from the U.S. Department of Energy as part of a clean energy initiative focused on nuclear reactors.

  • Going nuclear: Ozark IC has been tasked with creating electronics that can withstand the harsh, corrosive environment of molten salt reactors, which are more space efficient than conventional nuclear reactors.
  • Worth your salt: This award is specifically for phase 1 of this project and will essentially be a proof of concept along with a feasibility study, using molten salt simulations at the University of Wisconsin. If the electronics pass the test in this first phase, Ozark IC could be up for another award for development of electronics that would be tested in a real reactor.

If you want to learn more about IC or about this specific development, you can let your inner nerd loose HERE.

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