Local Lettuce And Herbs Available For Pick-Up

January 26, 2022

Small Business

Local Lettuce And Herbs Available For Pick-Up

Ozark Fresh Living Greens

Living in the Ozarks comes with its perks as fresh, leafy greens are available to pick up from your local farm in Rogers. 

  • Come n' get it: The lettuce and herbs at Ozark Fresh Living Greens (OFLG) are fed exactly what they need to be “the best dense lettuce you have ever tasted” without harmful pesticides and herbicides. You can order your lettuce and herbs on the OFLG website and pick them up at the farm. 
  • Just water: The lettuce and herbs grow with the hydroponic method, which means the plants are grown with water and neutral nutrients — no soil. The farm is an 8,000 sq/ft greenhouse and can grow as much as could in a 10-acre soil farm. 

Find more information and order HERE

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