Local Show On The Public Stage For The First Time

January 11, 2022


Local Show On The Public Stage For The First Time

NWA Daily

A locally written and produced play about the history of Arkansas is presenting its first public performances at the Walton Arts Center. 

  • History & Art: The play, Digging Up Arkansas, teaches Arkansas history in an inspirational and entertaining way. It has been seen by thousands of students in Arkansas over the years, but has never been on the public stage. There will only be 2 showings on Jan 22. 
  • Storytelling: The play aligns with 3-5th grade Arkansas history curriculum goals, using songs, storytelling, and audience participation to teach accurate history. In the play, 3 people in the Federal Writers Project work to gather the state’s history to bring to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

Find more information and info on tickets HERE

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