Local Skate Group To Host Mardi Gras Skate Parade

March 1, 2022


Local Skate Group To Host Mardi Gras Skate Parade

NWA Daily

The Arkansas Rollerskate Crew, based in Fayetteville, is hosting a Mardi Gras skate parade tomorrow, March 1. 

  • Pit-stops: The parade will start at Walker Park at 4p, be on Dickson St. around 4:45, and make its way to the downtown square around 5:15. Parents and children are invited to watch and collect beads and candy for the celebration at these three locations. 
  • Rolling: The goal of Arkansas Rollerskate Crew is to grow the roller-skating community in Arkansas, but all types of wheels are always welcome. Anyone can participate in the parade tomorrow on whatever wheels they have — roller skates, skateboards, bicycles, etc. To help fund this event and future events, you can give on the group’s gofundme page. 

Learn more about the event HERE

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