Hotel, Motel, the Bike Inn

July 2, 2021


Hotel, Motel, the Bike Inn


As the "Mountain Biking Capital of the World," it's fitting Bentonville would be home to a motel catering specifically to mountain bikers. The Bike Inn is a motel in Bentonville, capitalizing on the region's mountain biking tourism economy.

  • Nostalgic potential: The two owners recently moved here from Oregon to make this dream a reality. They bought The Pines Motel and are currently investing over $1mm in renovations to make the 10 units and two cottages extra bike friendly.
  • Quote: “It will be a sharp-looking place. It’s a place to visit after a ride and talk to other people about the trails where they rode. We want to be a destination for the cycling community.”

The motel is planning to welcome its first guests in July. You can read more about what's been happening with The Bike Inn HERE.

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