Municipalities Reevaluate the Mask

May 18, 2021


Municipalities Reevaluate the Mask

NWA Daily

To mask or not to mask. Last week after the CDC's mask announcement, local municipalities began to consider what's next.

  • Refresh: CDC said last week, fully vaccinated individuals could drop the mask in most situations. On Friday, Walmart agreed and was the first of many to drop the mask mandate based upon CDC guidelines.
  • Rogers: The City of Rogers has a mask mandate in place until 3:34 PM on May 27, which coincides with the final bell at the high schools. It sounds like this is their plan, and they're going to stick with it.
  • Fayetteville: Fayetteville board of health said the city will be discussing a proposal to shift to the new CDC guidance during the May 18th city council meeting.

Find out more about what your city might be doing with existing mask mandates HERE.

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