Music Moves

June 2, 2021

Arts & Culture

Music Moves

Music Moves, founded by Anthony Ball and Reginald James, made it their mission to make Black music accessible to students and communities through performance and education.

  • Music Moves: Is a local non-profit organization that organizes programs and performances to share the stories of Black musicians and their influence on American culture. They also have an educational program, with the U of A to teach K-12 students about the history of Black music in America.
  • Quote: "We know bringing people together to play and enjoy Black musical performances opens the door to understanding the history behind this music." said Co-founder Reginald James.
  • FYI: June is Black Music Month.

Learn more about the organization and what events its hosting this month to celebrate Black Music Month HERE. The full article about Music Moves can be found HERE.

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