Nation's Largest Turkey Producer Invests $8.7 Million in NWA

January 15, 2021


Nation's Largest Turkey Producer Invests $8.7 Million in NWA

Butterball, one of the largest turkey producers in the country, has announced its plans to invest $8.7 million in two processing facilities and create a total of 360 new jobs within three years in Northwest Arkansas.

  • $4.7 million will be invested in the Ozark location where the company will create 160 jobs, and another $4 million will be allocated to the Huntsville where it will create 200 new jobs.
  • “This is a great day for Northwest Arkansas,” said Gov. Asa Hutchinson. "The trust that they have placed in our workforce and business climate is a great testament to the hard work and dedication of our state and these two communities.” -Arkansas Inc
  • Butterball is known to support the communities they operate in, hosting events like the Turkey Talk-Line, providing meals during natural disasters, American Heart Association Heart Walks, donating to Feeding America, offering leadership development programs, and working to reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

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