Need for Speed

June 4, 2021


Need for Speed

NWA Daily

Think your kiddo is a future cycling pro? They can put their skills to the test on the Razorback Greenway in the Strider Cup on June 19.

  • Strider Balance Bikes were made for kids to develop a strong cycling foundation and even hone more advanced skills. Strider hosts its cup at several stops worldwide allowing kids to showcase these skills.
  • Who? Children ages 2-6 are invited to compete in this fun event. Online registration is required for 2-4 yr olds and must be completed by June 14 at 11:30p.
  • Grand opening: This event is being held in conjunction with the grand opening of the Strider store in Bentonville and the Bentonville Bike Festival.

If you're not familiar with Strider bikes, here's the company's story. These bikes are pretty much the coolest toy a kid could have. If you want to learn more about the Strider Cup, you can read about it HERE.

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