New Public Art Installation Coming Soon to Downtown Bentonville

April 3, 2021

Arts & Culture

New Public Art Installation Coming Soon to Downtown Bentonville

NWA Daily (OZ Art NWA mural in Springdale)

OZ Art NWA and Justkids are teaming up to to bring California artist Ouizi to Bentonville for the design and installation of a new public mural.

  • Ouizi began work on the mural early this week. The public art piece will be located in downtown Bentonville on the corner of Main and 2nd Streets and will take about two weeks to complete.

  • “I am delighted and humbled to return to Bentonville to paint a new mural in the town square,” Ouizi said. “When I was last here painting inside Crystal Bridges, it was Summer, so I look forward to seeing the city in the Spring!” -5 News

  • Louise Jones (née Chen), aka Ouizi, was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA to Shanghainese parents. She is best known for her large scale floral mural installations which can be seen in public spaces throughout the United States, from museums to public parks.

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