New Startup Accelerator Formed in NWA

December 15, 2021


New Startup Accelerator Formed in NWA

NWA Daily

With funding by the Walton Family Foundation, Winrock International and Cartwheel, an Arkansas based startup studio, are coming together in a joint effort to form an accelerator focused on software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses.

  • The resources: With $1.2 million in funding, this initiative will aim to identify and validate high potential SaaS startup business concepts here in Northwest Arkansas and take the them from idea to a profitable organization.
  • The process: The accelerator will choose 20 proposals for promising business opportunities for review by experts. It will then select two of those opportunities, find CEOs and co-founders to work on them and assist in helping them raise capital along with a bevy of other resources.

To learn more about the new accelerator or any of these organization's roles in it, check it out here.

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