NIL: Guess that Acronym

July 7, 2021


NIL: Guess that Acronym

NWA Daily

Last week, the NCAA announced new rules concerning college athletes' abilities to market their name, image, and likeness (NIL).

  • A new era: With newly accepted guidelines, student-athletes are now permitted to earn revenue "based on their fame and celebrity without fear of endangering their eligibility or putting their school in jeopardy of violating amateurism rules that have stood for decades."
  • PetSmart and beyond: Trey Knox received an endorsement deal with PetSmart, and he's not the only Razorback entertaining deals like this. Jaylin Williams and Davonte Davis have also expressed their interest in deals like Knox's, and they have new logos to show for it!

Read and learn more about the NIL rule and its impact on college athletics HERE.

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