NWA Council's Winter Meeting Recap

February 20, 2021


NWA Council's Winter Meeting Recap

NWA Daily

On Thursday (Feb. 18), the Northwest Arkansas Council met virtually for its winter meeting, highlighting the success of a COVID-19 healthcare program, a new five-year plan of the Walton Family Foundation, and work on a state hate crime bill.

  • In July, the council was awarded $7 million in federal aid to develop a COVID-19 contact tracing program, intended to slow the rapid spread of cases among Marshallese and Hispanic residents in NWA, along with four other counties in other parts of the state.
  • Nelson Peacock, CEO of the Northwest Arkansas Council, said the council’s healthcare goals have now pivoted from transforming the area to a regional healthcare destination to mitigating the spread of the virus. -Talk Business & Politics
  • In addition, the Walton Family Foundation has announced a strategic five year plan to promote cultural vibrancy, foster inclusive growth and a sense of belonging, and support community leadership and capacity building in the "Home Region" of NWA.
  • Lastly, Karen Roberts, presiding co-chair for the council and executive VP and general counsel for Walmart, praised the council’s support for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and noted Arkansas is one of three states without a hate crime law. - Talk Business & Politics

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