NWA Featured On Metro List Of Surging Tech Talent

June 24, 2022


NWA Featured On Metro List Of Surging Tech Talent

NWA Tech Summit

Workforce Insights recently published an article featuring the 15 metros in which tech talent is surging, and Northwest Arkansas made the list. 

  • Southern tech: The ranking looks at the fastest three-year growth rates from 2019-2022. Coincidentally, the 15 U.S. metros ranked are exclusively southern metro areas. Data tends to showcase locations starting with a smaller tech base when the speed of growth is analyzed. This list excludes long-established tech hubs.
  • Featured: Northwest Arkansas ranked No.14 on the list with 25.6% growth in tech talent from 2019-2022. The study focused on the full sweep of information technology skills, which are now developed and put to work outside the public eye more than ever.

Read the full article HERE

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