NWA Home Sales Up 13% in 2020

February 3, 2021

Real Estate

NWA Home Sales Up 13% in 2020

NWA Daily

In 2020, regional home sales in NWA increased almost 13 percent from the previous year. In Benton and Washington counties, real estate agents sold a combined 12,004 residential properties according to data from Northwest Arkansas Board of Realtors (NABOR).

  • That's up 12.8 percent from a total of 10,645 properties sold in 2019.
  • Unit sales in the area, provided by the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, were up 6.3 percent in 2019 and 1.3 percent in 2018, followed by annual gains of 7.7 percent in 2017 and 9.1 percent in 2016. -Talk Business & Politics
  • Home sale values rose to $3 billion for the first time last year, and the median price of a home in NWA rose 9.9% to $229,500 in 2020.

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