NWA Organizations Band Together Against Food Insecurity

March 4, 2022

Food & Health

NWA Organizations Band Together Against Food Insecurity

NWA Daily

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) and 24 Northwest Arkansas organizations are joining together to break down the barriers that prevent access to healthy food. 

  • Collab: UAMS founded the Northwest Arkansas Food Insecurity Community of Practice (NWA CoP), which is guided by individuals who are experiencing or who have experienced food insecurity in the past. Those in the NWA CoP are collaborating to solve recurring problems related to food insecurity. 
  • Steps: Some solutions that will come through NWA CoP are the increased access to SNAP and WIC benefits, the improvement of equitable and inclusive healthy food access, evolving food recovery and distribution models, and aid for organized responses to rapid changes that lead to food insecurity. 

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