NWA Spotlighted in Revolution's 2021 Ecosystem Playbook

January 21, 2021


NWA Spotlighted in Revolution's 2021 Ecosystem Playbook

According to Revolution's 2021 Ecosystem Playbook, Northwest Arkansas has become a leader in maintaining and adapting to the challenges sown by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The write up praises the NWA Council's coordinated COVID-19 response, which includes examples of three models: funding, navigation and founder support.
  • By taking inventory of its unique assets and working with hard-hit communities across the region, NWA has been able to adapt programs for virtual engagement, making way for an even better tomorrow.
  • Jeanette Balleza Collins, Director of Entrepreneurial Development with the NWA Council, says the Council's goal has always been a people-first response and recovery. In wake of the pandemic, the Council helped establish a Small Business
    Emergency Assistance program and secured over $15 million in CARES Act programs.
  • Check out the full 2021 Playbook HERE.

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