NWA Welcomes Global Crowdfunding Education Sessions

March 18, 2022


NWA Welcomes Global Crowdfunding Education Sessions


Experts from Crowdfunding Capital Advisors will host a series of free programs designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and potential retail investors April 5-6. 

  • Content: There will be 4 programs total — 2 founder sessions and 2 investor sessions. The programs will cover equity and debt crowdfunding and include explanations of the tools available to help entrepreneurs and business owners raise capital. Retail investors will have the opportunity to learn the best practices for investing in startups. 
  • Locations: The crowdfunding sessions will be at TheatreSquared in Fayetteville on April 5 and Brightwater in Bentonville on April 6. There will be a founder session each morning and investor sessions each afternoon/evening.

Click HERE to learn more and register. 

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