Olympic Gold Medalist Jordyn Wieber Builds Legacy as Gymback Head Coach

March 5, 2021


Olympic Gold Medalist Jordyn Wieber Builds Legacy as Gymback Head Coach

NWA Daily (Barnhill Arena; Fayetteville)

If you were on the edge of your seat watching Team USA snag gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, you probably recognize the name. At 24, Jordyn Wieber is onto a new chapter of life as gymnastics head coach at the University of Arkansas, where she is already building a winning legacy.

  • Born in Michigan and raised in California, Wieber said she didn't know much about Arkansas before visiting. "As soon as I got here, I realized what a special place this is. And then meeting the people I would be surrounding myself with here and picturing what daily life would look like as we build the program from where it's already been was exciting... it felt right," she told Celebrate Arkansas.
  • And with Wieber came the masses. Her first meet as coach drew a record crowd of over 6,714 fans to Barnhill Arena in January 2020. Wieber then realized the Arkansas fan base was something to write home about, and made it her goal to "fill every seat in Barnhill Arena."
  • Instead of treating every team member as just another athlete, Wieber said her coaching style focuses on the individual and what works best for them. "As a coach, if you only focus on the athlete side of an individual, then you may not set her up for life stuff. Resilience, sacrifice and hard work... those are the characteristics that are going to matter later on."
  • Already commanding a well-earned level of respect, the Gymback coaching staff has worked relentlessly to build the program's strengthening culture to where it is today. "I'd say we are the most passionate coaching staff in the NCAA, but I might be a little biased. We work hard, but we have a lot of fun," Wieber said.
  • Read the full feature story by Celebrate Arkansas HERE.

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