Bentonville Bike Fest

June 18, 2021


Bentonville Bike Fest

NWA Daily

Bikes and Bentonville go together like Cardinal Red and the Razorbacks, so it's natural that Bentonville would host a one-of-a-kind festival for bike enthusiasts everywhere.

  • Race to the Top: In the last five years, 500 miles of bike trails have been built throughout NWA. These projects catapulted Bentonville's status in the world of cycling.
  • 100% Bentonville: Bike Fest is coming to Bentonville for the second time this weekend, hosting three days of races, workshops, and other events for cyclists of all skill levels.

Quote: "With the Bentonville Bike Fest we share our passion for this wonderful sport to someone who's never seen a mountain bike in their life but who wants to become fitter or have a great time outdoors."

Grab your bike and head on out to Bike Fest this weekend! You'll find more details about the event HERE.

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