OZ Art Reveals Artistic Gems In NWA

January 22, 2022

Art & Culture

OZ Art Reveals Artistic Gems In NWA

NWA Daily

The art scene is constantly growing in Northwest Arkansas and OZ Art has a big part to play in it. 

  • Looking around: A New American Town podcast host interviewed OZ Art's Art Collection Manager and discussed some of OZ Art's projects all over NWA. OZ Art's world class projects can be seen on the NWA trails, tucked away in the woods, in parks, and in and on buildings all around.
  • Moving outdoors: OZ Art has a mission to make art more accessible, bring it outside of museum walls. Art is becoming as much a draw to NWA as the biking and event culture. Now that we've pointed it out, you'll begin to see it everywhere.

For a portfolio of OZ Art’s work and their locations, click HERE

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