Ozark Compost Makes Sustainable Living Easy

October 18, 2022

Sponsored by Ozark Compost & Swap

Ozark Compost Makes Sustainable Living Easy

Ozark Compost & Swap

Ozark Compost & Swap is on a mission to make sustainable living convenient through doorstep composting and package-free product delivery. Already, the company has diverted over 20,000lbs of residential food waste from landfills. 

  • Composting: Ozark Compost & Swap does all the dirty work for you by delivering a 5-gallon bucket to your doorstep to be filled with compostable items, then picks up the bucket and swaps it for a clean one. All you have to do is choose a bi-weekly or weekly pick-up!
  • Refillable Products: The company offers refillable Airship coffee delivery and refillable household cleaning products in an effort to eliminate single-use plastics. 

Sign up HERE and use the discount code NWADAILY to receive a complimentary one-month trial of a bi-weekly pick-up.

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