OZCast Highlighting the Diverse Voices of NWA

January 20, 2021

Arts & Culture

OZCast Highlighting the Diverse Voices of NWA

OZCast is an online creative variety show that centers on "Creativity as Resilience" by celebrating local and national artists from NWA and beyond.

  • The project features artists producing work in their fields, while also contributing their personal voice to their communities. They come from a variety of backgrounds including dance, culinary, textile, music, social practice, video, spoken word, graphic novels, sculpture and more.
  • By sharing their stories, OZCast hopes to address the prevalent issues of today — from racial inequality and immigration rights, to public health and environmental stewardship. -OZCast
  • OZCast is a project of the CACHE program and is partnered with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the Momentary, OZ Art, and more.

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