Page Turners

June 25, 2021


Page Turners

Rogers Public Schools

Four elementary schools in NWA have been reading a lot this year, and Arkansas has recognized them for the culture of reading they are fostering in their students.

  • The reading list: The R.I.S.E. awards are issued by a branch of the Arkansas Department of Education, recognizing schools that have their students reading on grade level. These schools have also been cooperating with other organizations in their communities to cultivate reading outside of the classroom.
  • The lucky few: A total of 6 schools received the award, and 4 were located in NWA - Eastside Elem. School, Greenland Elem. School, Jerry "Pop" Williams Elem. School, and Northside Elem.

Read more about the R.I.S.E. awards and the recipients of these awards HERE.

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