Parrot Island - Water Park in Fort Smith

November 25, 2020


Parrot Island - Water Park in Fort Smith

Last week, the City of Fort Smith and Sebastian County approved sizable financial investments for Parrot Island, a jointly owned entity, in Fort Smith

  • The Fort Smith Board of Directors authorized the appropriation of $119,771 for Parrot Island Waterpark. The Sebastian County Quorum Court, in a separate meeting voted to match the amount as part of a larger appropriation. Parrot Island is at a deficit of $297,973 for the fiscal year.
  • For context, in 2019 Parrot Island brought in "$1,350,901 in total revenue with $1,273,374 in total expenses, leading to a net gain of $77,527 with an attendance of 91,589." - NWA Democrat Gazette

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