Planning Your President's Day

February 16, 2021


Planning Your President's Day

NWA Daily

Today is President's Day and NWA is currently covered in blanket of snow from weekend winter weather - meaning there will be more closures than normal that you need to know about. Here are a few:

  • Retail and Restaurant: Most major retail stores will remain open, but more locally owned business and restaurants are likely to be closed to observe the holiday.
  • Government: President's Day is a federal holiday so the Post Office, courts, drivers license bureau, and other government offices will be closed in observance of the Presidents' Day holiday. However, FedEx and UPS will still be making deliveries.
  • Public Libraries: Public libraries will remain closed today, but check with your local library to be sure. If you're in need of a good read, most libraries offer an online catalog of e-books and audiobooks that's always available.
  • Stock Market: The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq will also be closed in observance of the holiday.

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