Railyard Park in Downtown Rogers

April 9, 2021


Railyard Park in Downtown Rogers

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How can you tell if the train came through? Because it left its tracks! Anywho, the Railyard Park in Downtown Rogers will be opening to the public just in time to catch the full season of outdoor entertainment and shopping. There is a variety of amenities being added, here are a few....

  • Frisco Plaza: Located at the corner of Walnut and 1st Street, Frisco Plaza will be the new home to the Downtown Rogers Farmer's Market.

  • Butterfield Stage: Just across the street from Frisco Plaza, Butterfield Stage is a beautiful outdoor pavilion that can accommodate and host a wide ranges of events. The City of Rogers has plans to program the space from April-October each year.

  • Play Yard: The Railyard's new "Play Yard" features whimsical structures to keep the ankle biters (kiddos) at bay. Standing in the middle of the Play Yard is the Water Stop, which is a splash pad area. Artists Octavio Logo, Mantra, and Lakwena were selected by the Rogers Public Art Commission to produce original artworks for the beautiful designs you see on the water towers now.

Want to see more? Read the full statement HERE.

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