Real Estate Investing for Everyone

April 26, 2021

Sponsored by Arrived Homes

Real Estate Investing for Everyone

Arrived Homes

A new way of investing has Arrived thanks to Hot Springs natives and U of A graduates Ryan Frazier and Kenny Cason. Their new tech startup changes real estate investing by letting anyone buy shares of rental properties for as little as $100.

  • The challenge: With a booming housing market and large upfront payments, most people don't have the option to think about saving up to make real estate investments. On top of that, real estate investing takes time and expertise. Arrived helps solve this problem.
  • How it works: "An interested investor goes to, checks out the available homes, and purchases shares just like they buy shares of a stock" said Frazier. "Arrived finds the properties and manages the operations. Investors earn their share of rental income and property appreciation, and can view the homes they own in their portfolio online."

Arrived has already funded 6 investment properties in Northwest Arkansas, with a dozen more on the way. To learn more and make your first investment, visit

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