Reflecting on NWA Law Enforcement Experience

February 27, 2021


Reflecting on NWA Law Enforcement Experience

I Am Northwest Arkansas sat down with former Fayetteville Police Chief Frank Johnson to discuss the police-community relationship in Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas. Johnson was the first African American Police Chief in NWA and also an adjunct professor in criminal justice at the U of A. Fun fact - one of Johnson's students was current Fayetteville Police Chief, Mike Reynolds.

  • Johnson spoke to the growing relationship between officers and the community. "The one thing that I always knew - that is now exemplified with Chief Reynolds - is that those guys are very personable... they truly have an interest in the safety of every citizen regardless of ethnicity," he said.
  • In response to a question about the state of law enforcement in the United States, Johnson believes law enforcement, at it's cultural core, is constantly being reimagined in pragmatic departments such as Fayetteville's.
  • Johnson continued to say, law enforcement must take an active approach to improving their traditional ways of operating and bring the community into public safety strategies. "Our city government is efficient, transparent and beautiful," Johnson said. "Come, participate, and get involved."
  • Listen to the full podcast episode HERE.

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