Residential Building Making a Comeback

February 12, 2022

Real Estate

Residential Building Making a Comeback

NWA Daily

After challenging years in 2019 and 2020 due to materials shortages, price increases, and the pandemic, building permits in in Northwest Arkansas bounced back in 2021.

  • By the numbers: Building permits in NWA were up 16.5% in 2021 after a 5.9% decline in 2019 and a 2.8% decline in 2020. Residential permit values were up even more in 2021 coming in at a 35.6% increase.
  • Standouts: Fayetteville and Bella Vista both saw 40%+ increases in building permit activity in 2021. Notably, annual permits in Bella Vista have increased from 194 in 2017 to 584 in 2021.

This increased activity should be helping chip away at the supply shortage we are currently experiencing, so hopefully it persists. Click here if you want to learn more.

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