Rules of the Game

August 13, 2021


Rules of the Game

NWA Daily

We've probably all seen local companies announce college athlete endorsement deals under the new name, image, and likeness (NIL) guidelines. The U of A wants to help businesses understand how it could benefit them as well.

  • The big two: One of the biggest hindrances to businesses wanting to play the NIL game is money, but not all deals have to amount to half-a-million dollars. If you're a business that finds an athlete with similar values and interests, there is little stopping you from making an offer and building your own team.
  • It's a new game: While federal laws have yet to be put in place, NCAA rules, university policies, and various state laws set the boundaries for this new field.

You can find more information on NIL agreements and how they can benefit all teams involved HERE.

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