Sake Passports At Big Box Karaoke

January 13, 2022


Sake Passports At Big Box Karaoke

NWA Daily

The Sake Passport at Big Box Karaoke (BBK) is back starting Sunday, Jan. 16, until they’re sold out. 

  • Exploring: Volume 2 of the Sake Passport is a limited edition due to the limited production of sake over the past 2 years. BBK was able to procure 5 bottles each of 5 new sakes and is excited to share. 
  • Tasting: You can purchase a Passport online or in store. The tastings begin on Jan. 16 and will go until Feb. 13, or until the sake runs out. There are a total of 7 one-hour tasting times for 4 groups/individuals at a time.

For more information, click HERE

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