Sales Tax Revenue In NWA Up 18.7%

July 29, 2022


Sales Tax Revenue In NWA Up 18.7%

NWA Daily

The big four towns of NWA are all seeing stellar reports for sales-tax revenue this July, up 18.7% over last year with a cumulative revenue of $8.988 million. 

  • Making gains: July reportings have Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, and Fayetteville each pulling in at least $2 million in monthly revenue from sales tax, marking the second time that has ever happened. 
  • Reasons for growth: While local sales tax revenue growth could largely be attributed to higher prices, other factors could include many employees returning from remote work to the office, fewer residents out of town for summer travel due to high gas prices, or the continued growth of the student population a the U of A. 

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