Should College Athletes Be Paid? Coach Sam Pittman Thinks So

March 26, 2021


Should College Athletes Be Paid? Coach Sam Pittman Thinks So

NWA Daily

The Student Athlete Publicity Rights Act, a proposed Arkansas bill that would allow college athletes be paid, is gaining traction and Razorback Football Head Coach Sam Pittman says its approval will be vital for future athlete recruitment.

  • It's not what is looks like - the bill is not calling for student athletes to be paid for their athletic participation at the university. Arkansas Athletics Director Hunter Yurachek said the bill would allow the athletes the same rights to their name, image, and likeness that any student on campus has.

  • Six other states have passed Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) laws and Florida will will be the first to become active on July 1. As for Sam Pittman, if Arkansas doesn't pass this bill, he and the entire athletic department will be at a recruiting disadvantage

  • If the bill is not approved by April, Arkansas schools could be walking into next season empty-handed. "If nothing is passed and nothing happens, then Arkansas and all of the student-athletes at every higher educational institution, including the two of us here, will now be at a disadvantage," Bowen said. -KNWA/Fox24

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