SIEV Technologies Awarded $256k

December 17, 2021

Small Business

SIEV Technologies Awarded $256k

Stuart Pritchards

The National Science Foundation has awarded a local startup a $256,000 Small Business Innovation Research Grant

  • More good: The recipient of the award is SIEV Technologies, a biotech company started by University of Arkansas researchers who invented a technology that converts waste into valuable bio-products. The award money will go toward the improvement of biofuel production and the development of SIEV’s Technologies. 
  • A better place: In one year, the U.S. generates an estimated 836m tons of biomass waste, which could be used for bio fuels — SIEV’s specialty. Companies that adopt SIEV’s reactor system can contribute to a healthier planet by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels.

Click HERE for more details. 

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