Simplifying Wellness

March 30, 2021

Health and Wellness

Simplifying Wellness

Amanda Wilson, awilsonwellness

“I loved being your nurse, but I never want to see you again (as a patient).” It wasn’t until Amanda Wilson, founder of Amanda Wilson Wellness, became a cardiac nurse that she realized lifestyle is one of the biggest contributing factors to a person’s long term health and wellness - and the key to doing that is eating well and staying active.

  • Shortly after becoming a mom, Amanda was inspired to share her easy, yet nutritious and fueling meals on Instagram. She started posting almost five years ago with the goal and intention of sharing how wellness can be simplified.

  • Since, she has gained a loyal following and authored several health guides including: wellness workout plans, food preparation guides and kid’s lunch box plans. “I love using this space to equip and encourage others to steward their wellness journey in a sustainable way with intention and joy while navigating each season of life… I find a lot of joy and celebrate in seeing how others’ approach to wellness has simplified and transformed through the years,” Wilson said.

  • Although a recent study ranked Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers as one of the most overweight/obese cities in the nation, Amanda believes the future of NWA is promising.

  • "I think NWA is really growing in resources and opportunities to support and equip the individual in a healthy lifestyle, and I am pumped about it! We have endless trails, new wellness clinics, restaurants using real food ingredients, and incredible options for all types of movement,” she said.

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