So Fay Loop

June 5, 2021


So Fay Loop

City of Fayetteville

It's all coming together in South Fayetteville. Several disparate sections of trail in the south part of town are being connected through a couple of current and new projects.

  • What's in the woods? Tsa La Gi trail was originally constructed in 2014 and is currently being extended through the woods just south of Chick-fil-A
  • The city has approved an extension of the Tsa La Gi trail further west through The Marshall apartment complex to meet up with Town Branch Trail close to I-49.
  • Making whole: This work will create a full 5 mile loop through much of South Fayetteville, and this new section of the system will be branded as the "So Fay Loop".

If you want more details on these projects or projected completion dates, you can find out more HERE.

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